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New marketplace. New rules. REALTY 365. We give Buyers, Sellers, and Investors an unmatched advantage by providing insightful, and results-oriented, step-by-step guidance and support from your initial interest in buying or selling a home through walking out of settlement for properties of all sizes, price points, and locations.

From Dale


I was 27 years old when I got my real estate license and thought the hardest part, passing the tests to become a real estate agent, was over.  Boy was I wrong!  I fumbled around for over 2-3 years trying to figure out how to do deals and where I “fit in”.  I saw the top producers selling well over 100 properties a year wondering how that was even possible.  Eventually, by virtue of, a nothing to lose mentality aka about $100 in my bank account,  I found my voice and attacked the real estate market as if my life depended on it….because honestly it did!

For the next several years, 2006-2009, I honed my skills valuing properties in the local market and building an understanding of not only how to list and sell homes but how to ensure I protected both myself and my clients from being taken advantage of.  It was during the Great Recession I found my voice.  I not only learned how to make a file look like the Mona Lisa, but I also learned to identify personality types and leverage that understanding to my advantage.  

Nearly everything I know today about selling real estate came from my dedication to mastering the foundational skills required to ensure my clients came out on top.   It was a tough time in the business, a difficult market, and my clients expectations were high.  But where others had failed, I found success with persistence, dedication to the work, human engagement, and boldly being willing to do it my way!

More than a decade later, after building one of the strongest track records in residential real estate, those same principles have yielded over 2300 properties sold and over $300 million in sales volume. There is NO substitute for results.  Our dedication to looking at our clients as partners—where we are helping each other and working together to reach the same goal—will continue to help us grow into one of the most successful new brokerages in the history of the Lehigh Valley.

Our approach is simple.  We are a brokerage for the marketplace of tomorrow. We do business and life with passion, we evaluate and innovate everyday.  This coupled with our 365 (grow everyday) mentality, is why we succeed.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you, your friends, and your family!

Remember…”Success is a choice, not a birthright!”

Dale Kessler

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